TeamDev Management is an Estonian company specializing in providing software development services. With strong partnership ties, TeamDev Management is your best vendor for development in Java.

TeamDev Management is an authorised reseller for products of TeamDev Ltd. and WebSpellChecker LLC.

Development offices:

  • Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Bar, Montenegro


Custom Java solutions for web and desktop applications.

Solutions based on libraries for integration of browsers, Microsoft Office and COM in general, desktop, native libraries and system API into Java.

Cloud solutions, enterprise development utilising Microsservices, BigData, CQRS, ES, Machine Learning, Neural Networks.

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Business Tools


Team task management solution for G Suite


Browser integration


A cross-platform library for integration of Chromium browser into Java applications.


Solution for integration of Chromium-based WPF component into .NET applications.


A library for integration of Microsoft Internet Explorer into Java applications on Windows.

Java Native Integration


А Library embedding Google Maps in Java applications.


A lightweight Java component for viewing PDF documents in Java Swing applications.


A library for Windows enabling integration of Microsoft Excel workbooks in Java applications.


A cross-platform library for performing screen and video capture in Java applications.


A cross-platform Java library for monitoring file system events.


A bidirectional Java-COM bridge for working with COM/OLE/OCX or ActiveX objects in Java applications.


Cross-platform solution, allowing to call operating system native library functions from Java code.

SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT)

Multilanguage web spell checking solution for web applications, highlighting spelling mistakes and providing options to correct them while typing.


Multilanguage web spell checking solution for your web application. Operates in a separate browser window and includes English grammar check and Thesaurus.

WebSpellChecker Web API

Spelling and grammar checking functionality for a web application or a database with customisable spell-check options. Supported output types are XML and JSON.

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